Monday, November 3, 2008

Could Tacoma jump up to USL-1?

Last summer Sounders FC GM Adrian Hanauer told me 'talks were underway' to keep 'the Sounders/USL' alive somewhere in Puget Sound. I just assumed it was the Kitsap club that former Sounders' owner Robin Waite hopes to debut around November 12th.

However, someone outside of our area has sent me a tip that the current USL Sounders might be a relocation candidate, according to murmurs from the league office in Tampa.

While Hanauer couldn't own a USL club (MLS rules), he certainly could push investors Tacoma's way. Further, TFC have been looking at a venue (Mt. Tahoma Stadium gallery index) that would get closer to USL-1 standards, and Sounders FC would benefit from a club staying in the area and developing a player exchange policy.

Mt. Tahoma Stadium seats 5,000.

Further, Kitsap owner Robin Waite recently told me that 'the league is currently deciding' who gets USL-1 rights to Puget Sound.

So, there are indeed some elements suggesting the current Seattle USL-1 club might be looking into relocating to Tacoma.

We'll know more when the league meetings happen at the end of November, I'd guess.Could it happen? Could Tacoma support such a high level of pro soccer?

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GS-1 said...

This update from Tide owner Mike Jennings:

"At this time, I can tell you that there is no current movement in that direction from Tacoma. That said, we are still looking to move the club forward in terms of relationships with professional teams and acquiring new investors. The only news is that of Kitsap to the PDL.

All is well, overall. Jon and I are working on our sponsorship base and planning our trip to the USL AGM later this month in Tampa.

We will have a number of players going to Charleston for the USL Combine in December. Unofficially, I believe Daniel Scott, Jordan Jennings, Spencer Schomacher and Brayton Knapp have been accepted."