Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tide playoff foes decided tonight

Here's what the Tide are watching and waiting for tonight:

Fresno Fuego at San Fernando Valley Quakes
(7:00 PM 7/20)

San Jose Frogs at San Francisco Seals
(7:00 PM 7/20)

We want the home teams to win,and here's why.

If both of them do, then the Quakes and Seals will make the playoffs, and the Fresno Fuego will be out. Not that the Tide are big Fresno-haters (I kind of am), but if Fresno goes out then the Tide get to host the playoffs next week up here!

So Tide players, officials and fans will be watching the USL website tonight to see what happens and where we go and who we will play next week!

This is the page that usually gets updated first:

(Scroll down to July 20 and watch as scores are added.)

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