Friday, May 9, 2008

Tide open in Spokane tonight

It's a big opener for Tacoma Tide Football club tonight in Spokane against the Spiders.

The match will be the first chance to earn points in the PDL Northwest Division standings. Not only that, but the result counts towards qualification for the US Open Cup.

In their two year history TFC have never qualified for the Cup. If they can do it in 2008 they may end up playing bigger Northwest clubs such as the Seattle Sounders or the Portland Timbers in later rounds.

Last year Tacoma owned Spokane at Curtis High School, winning 4-1. In Spokane, though, the Tide lost an early-season match 3-2.

Tacoma made the playoffs with 10 wins in 2007. Spokane finished last season with 6 wins in 16 matches.

The Spiders have already played their opener. They were squashed 3-0 at home by the Yakima Reds last weekend.

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