Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tacoma shocks Seattle 14-11 in playoffs, then falls to Fire

Tacoma Stars players react with joy (top) after the whistle blows on their 14-11 victory over the Seattle Wolves on Saturday March 8th. Traveling Tacoma fans (bottom) form a tunnel for the Stars on their way to the showers.
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Tacoma's Stars waited until the playoffs to shine against Seattle, but when they did the glow was bright enough to blind the Wolves out of the playoffs.

The glow lasted only one night as Tacoma traveled to Wenatchee on March 9th and fell 19-9 to the Fire. Wenatchee will be the Northwest representative at the PASL Nationals next weekend and the Stars, who knocked out Seattle the night before, were themselves sent packing. The Wenatchee Fire knocked out the Snohomish Skyhawks 10-8 in Snohomish to gain their home match against the Stars.

The Stars bolted to a gigantic lead in their playoff semifinal match with the Seattle Wolves at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila on Saturday March 8th. It was 12-0 Tacoma at the end of a dominating first half.

Seattle rallied in a rough second half that saw numerous power plays and a red-card ejection on the Stars' Nate Ford. The Wolves used the advantage to outscore Tacoma 11-2 in the second half and draw to within 14-11 with under five minutes to go.

That was all the scoring either team would muster and when the final whistle blew the pro-Tacoma crowd launched into celebration and chanting, including ribbing the Wolves roster full of Sounders with the chorus "Where's your famous Sounders now." (Roger Levesque didn't play, Zach Scott, Kevin Sakuda, Colin Rigby and Taylor Graham did.)

Stars fans formed a human tunnel in front of the visitors locker room and the winners smiled, hugged and gave hive-fives to families, friends and fans.

The Stars did not beat Seattle in the regular season, both times (a loss, a draw) losing large leads. Turns out the 12-0 (6 goals to 0) was just enough.

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Jenni said...

Great game. Nate Salveson had an amazing night in goal and really kept the Stars in the game with some fantastic saves. Good job guys.