Monday, December 31, 2007

Auburn hopes to score with soccer

Yes, but will they eat at "Big Daddy's" before or after?

The December 31st Tacoma News Tribune talks about an Auburn city plan to build an indoor soccer arena in their downtown area.

Can soccer moms – not to mention dads and youths – help kick-start downtown economic development?

That’s the hope of Auburn city officials, who are looking for a qualified developer to build an indoor youth soccer facility on a block of downtown property.

The city already owns most of the block and is willing to sell or lease it.

The connection between indoor soccer and economic development seems logical, said Auburn Mayor Pete Lewis, who is leading the city’s efforts to revitalize the downtown area.

“We’ve been looking at indoor youth sports,” he explained. “We want something for kids downtown … that can bring soccer moms downtown.”

Soccer parents mean foot traffic, and downtowns thrive on people who shop, walk and eat there, according to Dave Baron, the city’s economic development manager.

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